Services Offered


1) Traditional Legal Services:

a) Divorce Litigation – Custody, Parenting Time, Alimony, Child Support, Equitable Marital Distribution of Assets and Debts;

b) Post Judgment Litigation – Modification or Enforcement of Existing Judgment or Orders

c) Pre- Litigation Settlement Negotiations – Legal representation of one party in negotiating a Marital Settlement Agreement before a complaint for divorce is filed in Court.

2) Mediation and Related Services

a) Mediation for Separation and Divorce – As Mediator
b) Mediation of Post Judgment Disputes – As Mediator
c) Mediation Review – As attorney for one party
d) Mediation Coaching – As attorney for one Party

3) Collaborative Divorce –​As Attorney for One Party

A process in which specially trained attorneys, financial experts and mental health professionals work together with divorcing families in a mutually supportive team environment designed to avoid involving the court system, and in which the common goal is to assist families in planning for life after divorce in as healthy and constructive a manner as possible.

Attorney, Michael R. Magaril