About Michael R. Magaril

Biography of Michael R. Magaril, Esq.

Michael R. Magaril is a Family Law attorney, Mediator and Collaborative Divorce attorney. For more than 20 years, his practice has been exclusively limited to Divorce, Family Law and related issues. In 2019, the Union County Bar Association recognized him as the recipient of the prestigious William J. McCloud Award for his lifetime contribution to the practice of Family Law in Union County.

As a Qualified Mediator under the requirements of the New Jersey Rules of Court. He is a long-standing participant in the New Jersey Family Court’s Roster of Economic Mediators and has been designated as a “Mentor Mediator” to assist other professionals who are seeking to be accepted to the Roster. He also is a long-standing panelist on the Union County Early Matrimonial Settlement (“ESP”) Panel and serves as a “Blue Ribbon” panelist to assist in the resolution of cases that present unique or difficult problems. He also has been appointed by orders of the Family Court to serve as a Guardian ad Litem, Parenting Coordinator and Arbitrator.

Michael regularly appears before the Family Courts in Union, Essex, Morris, Somerset, and Middlesex Counties. He is a magna cum laude graduate of the University of Miami, where he served as the Managing Editor of the University of Miami Law Review and an honors graduate of Haverford College.

Practice Philosophy: Regardless of whether he is acting as lawyer, mediator collaborative divorce attorney or otherwise, the focus of his efforts is to manage conflict and to approach the situation with a focus on constructive and practical problem solving. On those occasions when it is absolutely necessary, he also will represent his clients zealously in court.

About the Firm

THE LAW OFFICES OF MICHAEL R. MAGARIL concentrates exclusively on Family Law. The Firm has helped numerous individuals throughout New Jersey, the United States and other countries as well, in matters of divorce, property division, alimony, child support, visitation and custody, modification of existing judgments and court orders, paternity and prenuptial agreements.

Part of the Firm’s role as your legal representative includes making sure that our clients understand the potential consequences of each choice that they are called upon to make. In this respect, the firm works with clients by educating them about applicable law, engaging in cost / benefit analysis that takes the cost of legal services into account and focusing not only on the immediate aspects of each case, but also the long term impact that the decisions made will have on the life of each client and family after the firm has concluded its legal services. This process often employs computer modeling of settlement scenarios that project the after-tax implications of child support and alimony payments and engages in other basic financial analysis such as determining present value of future income streams. Where warranted, the firm relies on its long-standing relationships with experts in the fields of forensic accounting, metal health, computer forensics and private investigation and others to provide support in all aspects of the challenges that our clients must face.

Services Offered


1) Traditional Legal Services:

a) Divorce Litigation – Custody, Parenting Time, Alimony, Child Support, Equitable Marital Distribution of Assets and Debts;

b) Post Judgment Litigation – Modification or Enforcement of Existing Judgment or Orders

c) Pre- Litigation Settlement Negotiations – Legal representation of one party in negotiating a Marital Settlement Agreement before a complaint for divorce is filed in Court.

2) Mediation and Related Services

a) Mediation for Separation and Divorce – As Mediator
b) Mediation of Post Judgment Disputes – As Mediator
c) Mediation Review – As attorney for one party
d) Mediation Coaching – As attorney for one Party

3) Collaborative Divorce –​As Attorney for One Party

A process in which specially trained attorneys, financial experts and mental health professionals work together with divorcing families in a mutually supportive team environment designed to avoid involving the court system, and in which the common goal is to assist families in planning for life after divorce in as healthy and constructive a manner as possible.