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Practice Philosophy

Our practice philosophy is directed toward developing personal relationships with each of our clients so that we can develop unique practical solutions tailored to each individual's situation. To this end, we are committed to maintaining regular and frequent contact with our clients and to responding immediately to client inquiries by telephone or e-mail. Recognizing that our clients lead busy and complicated lives, we also offer evening and weekend hours by appointment. We are concerned with managing conflict between parties to a divorce to the greatest extent possible with an eye toward allowing families to be restructured.

Twelve Principles of Practice

  1. Service the client, not the case --Develop personal, practical and business solutions
  2. Restructure traditional relationships - compatible clients
    • Client participation;
    • All calls returned within 24 hours by both lawyer and client;
    • Plain English
    • Rapid response to one another;
    • High level of mutual respect;
    • Client responsibility in cooperating with attorney
      • Do your homework. Provide information as requested;
      • Keep appointments;
      • Make payments timely and as agreed upon.
  3. Excellent work.
  4. Excellent office services. Technology as a tool and not a master.
  5. High Level of personal satisfaction in professional practice. Personal development and professional development are one in the same.
  6. Draw a balance between business getting and business doing.
  7. Not out to maximize earnings - Value Billing.
  8. Do not fight the system.
  9. Deal with mistakes.
  10. Cordiality and Respect toward adversaries and the Court. Be aggressive only when necessary -- then fight to win.
  11. We are not the enemy.
  12. The rules of ethics are there for a reason. Adhere to the spirit as well as the letter.

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